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Ph.D. Job Placements


Isabel Deibel
Position: Polyglot/Linguist/Curriculum Designer, Duolingo
Dissertation: Language representations in the presence of a lexical-functional split: an experimental approach targeting the Quichua-Media Lengua-Spanish interface
Dissertation Director: John Lipski
Michael Johns
Position: Research Associate, Professional Track Faculty, Applied Research Lab for Intelligence and Security (ARLIS), University of Maryland
DissertationIntegration in Codeswitching: What is it, how does it surface, and why?
Dissertation Director: Giuli Dussias
Manuel Pulido-Azpíroz
Position: Assistant Professor of Spanish and Linguistics, Penn State
Dissertation: Desirable difficulties in learning multiword units in a second language: Exploring processing and retrieval through behavior and brain potentials
Dissertation Director: Giuli Dussias
Anna Torres Cacoullos
Position: ACLS/DRIVE Postdoctoral Fellowship in Humanities-Based Data Studies and Digital/Social Transformation, the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Dissertation: Writing with Cinema: Facing the Screen and Page in Modernist Spain (1920-1930)
Dissertation Director: Nicolás Fernández-Medina


Anne Beatty-Martínez
Post-Doctoral Fellow, McGill University, Canada 
Dissertation: Revisiting masculine and feminine grammatical gender in Spanish: Evidence from event-related potentials and eye-movements
Dissertation Director: Giuli Dussias
Alex McAllister
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Penn State
Dissertation: Perceptual learning in bilingual Spanish-English populations: Does experience matter?
Dissertation Director: Matthew T. Carlson
Stacey Mitchell
Visiting Assistant Professor, Lynchburg University
Dissertation: Moving through Modern Spain (1888-1923): Revelatory Darkness as Critical Medium
Dissertation Director: Nicolás Fernandéz-Medina


Grant Berry
Position: Technical Program Manager, Amazon
Dissertation: Liminal voices, central constraints: Minority adoption of majority sound change
Dissertation Director: Rena Torres Cacoullos
Joshua Deckman
Assistant Professor of Spanish and Latino Studies, Marywood University
Dissertation: The poetics and politics of pain: Decolonial spirituality in the Afro-Caribbean and its diaspora
Dissertation Director: Judith Sierra-Rivera
Dora LaCasse
Assistant Professor, University of Montana
Dissertation: The subjunctive in New Mexican Spanish: Maintenance in the face of language contact
Dissertation Director: Rena Torres Cacoullos
Jonathan Steuck
Language Engineer, Amazon Web Services
Dissertation: The prosodic-syntactic structure of intra-sentential multi-word code-switching in the New Mexico Spanish-English bilingual community
Dissertation Director: Rena Torres Cacoullos


Nicole Benevento
Associate Director of Articulation and Assessment at USC Dornsife Language Center, University of Southern California
Dissertation: Investigating prosodic prominence in spoken New Mexican Spanish
Dissertation Director: John Lipski
Christopher Champi
Spanish Instructor at the South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics
Dissertation: First and second singular subject pronoun expression in Dominican Spanish: The structure and acquisition of variable forms
Dissertation Director: Karen Miller
Fernando Fonseca Pacheco
Position: Assistant Professor of Instruction, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Temple University
Dissertation: The Theater of Futures Past: Infrastructures of the Latin American Avant-Garde
Dissertation Director: Sarah J. Townsend
Lauren Halberstadt
 Assistant Teaching Professor of Spanish and Director of Engaged Scholarship, Penn State 
Dissertation: Investigating community norms and linguistic mechanisms in codeswitching: Bridging linguistic theory and psycholinguistic experimentation
Dissertation Director: Giuli Dussias
Maria Izquierdo
Dissertation: Adaptable Debility: Becoming Human Under Biocapitalism
Dissertation Director: John Ochoa
Miguel Ramos
Position: Assistant Professor, Universidad de O'Higgins, Chile 
Dissertation: A diachronic variationist approach to the study of subject pronoun expression in Spanish: first-person singular
Dissertation Director: Rena Torres Cacoullos


Ana Cortejoso de Andrés
Profesora de Enseñana Secundaria de la Junta de Castilla y León (Spain), Lengua Castellana y Literatura, Instituto Emilio Ferrari
Dissertation: "Mamá, quiero ser artista": la problemática metaficcional del escritor hispano contemporáneo como celebridad global 
Dissertation Director: Matthew J. Marr 
Tomás Hidalgo Navas
Position: Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of Romance Languages and Literature, Villanova University
Dissertation: Killing the Father, Killing the Children: Dialogues on Political Violence between Mexican History, Novel, and Film (1959-2013)
Dissertation Director: Julia Cuervo-Hewitt
Bonnie Loder
Position: Associate Professor of Spanish, College of DuPage
Dissertation: Framing the Nation: The Family as a Model for Nation Building in the Nineteenth-century Spanish American Novel
Dissertation Director: Julia Cuervo-Hewitt
Pablo Requena
Position: Assistant Professor of Spanish, University of Texas, San Antonio
Dissertation: Direct object clitic placement preferences in Argentine Child Spanish
Dissertation Director: Karen Miller



Colleen Balukas
Assistant Professor, SUNY-Buffalo
Dissertation: The impact of code-switching and cognate status on phonetic realizations in the New Mexican Spanish-English bilingual community
Dissertation Director: Rena Torres Cacoullos
Amelia J. Dietrich
Position: Director for Research and Resources at The Forum on Education Abroad and Interim Editor of Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad
Dissertation: The role of probabilistic cues in L2 processing: Verb bias in Spanish and English
Dissertation Director: Giuli Dussias
Allison Hendericks
Position: Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders, University at Buffalo
Dissertation: Inconsistent Input and Amount of Exposure: Child Language Acquisition of Fering, a dialect of North Frisian
Dissertation Director: Karen Miller
Christopher Oechler
Assistant Professor of Spanish, Gettysburg College
Dissertation: The Performance of History and Memory in 17th-century Spanish Theater, Then and Now
Dissertation Director: Bob Blue
Hiram Smith
 Assistant Professor, Bucknell University 
Dissertation: Patterns of variable tense-aspect marking in Palenquero creole
Dissertation Director: Rena Torres Cacoullos
Katie Vater
Associate Professor of Spanish, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Dissertation: The Artist, Myth, and Society in the Contemporary Spanish Novel, 1945-2010 
Dissertation Director: Matthew J. Marr
Álvaro Villegas Erce
Natural Language Processing Engineer at Amazon 
Dissertation: The role of L2 immersion in the processing of Spanish sentence complement/relative clause ambiguities
Dissertation Director: Giuli Dussias


José Álvarez:
 Associate Professor, School of American and Global Studies, South Dakota State University
Dissertation Director: Sophia McLellen & John Ochoa
Joseph Bauman
 Associate Teaching Professor, Penn State 
Dissertation: From possession to obligation: modal grammaticalization and variation
Dissertation Director: Rena Torres Cacoullos
Ernesto Carriazo Osorio
Position: High school teacher, Colegio Nueva Granada CNG (Bogotá)
Dissertation: Saintly Lives: (anti)imperial and Transatlantic Discourses in Colonial Hispanic American Poetry and Painting (16th-to-18th-century New Kingdom of Granada and New Spain
Dissertation Director: Julia Cuervo-Hewitt
Lorena Cuya Gavilano
Position: Assistant Professor of Latin American Cultures, Arizona State University
Dissertation: Reading A Migrant Nation: the Aesthetics Of Internal Migration In 20th And 21st-century Peruvian Narratives
Dissertation Director: Julia Cuervo-Hewitt
Melisa Dracos
 Assistant Professor of English, Baylor University
Dissertation: The effects of form-focused training and working memory on the L2 processing and learning of morphological cues
Dissertation Director: Karen Miller
Tracy Scaltz
Assistant Principal (H-N), Centennial High School
Dissertation: Very frequency effects and mood preference: Implications for the L2 teaching and learning of negated matrix verbs of belief
Dissertation Director: Giuli Dussias


Rebecca Bender
Assistant Professor, Kansas State University
Dissertation: Negotiating the Changing Faces of Motherhood and Maternity through Narrative
Dissertation Director: Nicolás Fernandéz-Medina
Delfina Evelyn Durán Urrea
Assistant Professor, Languages and Literatures, Lehman College CUNY
A community-based study of social, prosodic, and syntactic factors in code-switching
Dissertation Director: Rena Torres Cacoullos
Luis Flores-Portero
Dissertation: After the Storm did not Come, the Calm: Love, Memory, and Identity in the Modern Mexican Novel, 1947-1963
Dissertation Director: John Ochoa
Rosa E. Guzzardo Tamargo
 Associate Professor, University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras
Dissertation: Linking comprehension costs to production patterns during the processing of mixed language
Dissertation Directors: Giuli Dussias & Chip Gerfen
Juan Pablo Neyret
Instructor, Municipalidad de General Pueyrredon - Argentina
Dissertation: Una retórica del disimulo: Discurso periodístico y memoria de los 70 en la narrativa de Tomás Eloy Martínez / A Rhetoric of (Dis)Simulation: Journalistic Discourse and Memory of the 70s in Tomás Eloy Martínez's Narrative
Dissertation Director: Laurence Prescott
Aroline Seibert-Hanson
Position: Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Cultures, Arcadia University
Dissertation: How Second Language Learners Process Argument Structure: The Effects of First Language and Individual Differences
Dissertation Director: Chip Gerfen
Jorge R. Valdés Kroff
 Assistant Professor of Spanish and Linguistics, University of Florida
Dissertation: Using eye-tracking to study auditory comprehension in codeswitching: Evidence for the link between comprehension and production
Dissertation Director: Giuli Dussias & Chip Gerfen


Christopher Botero
Associate Professor, Department of English and Foreign Languages, Augusta University
Dissertation: Factors underlying the improvement of L2 phonological production using technology outside the classroom
Dissertation Director: Chip Gerfen
Kristopher Allen Davis
Second Language Phonological Acquisition: The Role of Musical Aptitude
Dissertation Director: Chip Gerfen
Antonia Delgado-Poust
Associate Professor of Spanish, University of Mary Washington
Dissertation: Literary Feminism in Spain: The Splintering of Female Identity in the Contemporary Peninsular Novel 
Dissertation Director: Matthew J. Marr
Aaron Roggia
Assistant Professor of Spanish, Oklahoma State University
Dissertation: Unaccusativity and word order in Mexican Spanish: an examination of syntactic interfaces and the split intransitivity hierarchy
Dissertation Directors: Jacqueline Toribio & John Lipski
Silvia Ruiz-Tresgallo
 Assistant Professor, Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro
Dissertation: De-Witching Female America: The Figure of the Sorceress in the Representation of America
Dissertation Director: Julia Cuervo-Hewitt


David Counselman
Position: Associate Professor of Spanish, Ohio Wesleyan University
Dissertation: Improving pronunciation in the second language classroom 
Dissertation Director: Giuli Dussias
Arlette DeJesus
Assistant Professor of Spanish, Anderson University 
Dissertation: The Teresian Epistolary or the Backstage of Foundings and Reforms: The Construction of Power in the Letters of Saint Therese of Avila 
Dissertation Director: Mary Barnard
Damarys López
Position: Assistant Professor with tenure, Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
Dissertation: Los discursos de la maternidad, madres e hijas en la narrativa española del nuevo milenio escrita por mujeres
Dissertation Director: Matthew J. Marr
Benjamin Souza
Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics, Appalachian State University
Dissertation: Hiatus Resolution in Spanish: An Experimental Study
Dissertation Director: Chip Gerfen
Valbona Zylo-Watkins
 Female Agency in “El baúl de Miss Florence: fragmentos para un novelón romántico,” Dreaming in Cuban, and ¡YO!
Dissertation Director: Laurence Prescott
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