Students are required to take these two courses

SPAN 497 – Special Topics: Art and History of Spain (3 credits)

Course Description: This course introduces the history and civilization of Spain from the earliest times to the present.

SPAN 296 or SPAN 496 – Independent Studies (1 credit)

Course Description: To enhance our cultural trips throughout Spain, students will prepare different projects about paintings, monuments, historic landmarks, sculptures, etc.

Students will take ONE of the following courses

SPAN 316 – Building Words and Sentences in Spanish (3 credits)

Course Description: This is an introduction to the study of Spanish morphology and syntax.
Prerequisite: SPAN 215

SPAN 399 – Special Topics: Cultural Themes of Spain: Exploring the Intellectual Life of Andalusia (3 credits)

Course Description: The core of this course is the literature and culture that have shaped the intellectual landscape of Andalusia. This course offers valuable insights into the region’s intellectual history and its contributions to Spanish culture. It is primarily designed for students who have completed either SPAN 200 or SPAN 253W.