Students are required to take these two courses

SPAN 497 – Special Topics: Art and History of Spain (3 credits)

Course Description: This course introduces the history and civilization of Spain from the earliest times to the present.

SPAN 296 or SPAN 496 – Independent Studies (1 credit)

Course Description: To enhance our cultural trips throughout Spain, students will prepare different projects about paintings, monuments, historic landmarks, sculptures, etc.

Students will take ONE of the following courses

SPAN 316 – Building Words and Sentences in Spanish (3 credits)

Course Description: This is an introduction to the study of Spanish morphology and syntax.
Prerequisite: SPAN 215

SPAN 353 – Topics in the Cultures of Spain (3 credits)

Course Description: This course offers a comparative study of the literature, artistic manifestations, intellectual traditions, and cultural productions of Spain. 
Prerequisite: SPAN 253W