Undergraduate Awards - Italian

The Commencement Laurel Crown

Italian Majors are encouraged to do a capstone project during their senior year. The capstone project may be any significant contribution of the student’s Italian talents or interests beyond the classroom. Examples of previous capstone projects include (but are not limited to): homeschooling/tutoring Italian language and culture to young children, conducting conversation hours with elderly Italian-speakers at retirement homes, revising and submitting course papers for national prizes or publication, writing Italian subtitles for student films in the Film Studies program, and creating a website of Italian resources for PSU students. Capstone projects are proposed by the student with adviser approval. Projects requiring significant time commitments may qualify for IT 496 credit (please see an Italian adviser for more information). Successful completion of the capstone project earns the student a laurel crown, the ancient Roman symbol of achievement with distinction, which is awarded at the SIP department awards ceremony in April and may be worn by the student at commencement ceremonies with the cap and gown.

The Josephine J. And David C. Rhea Endowment For Excellence In Italian Studies

Awarded annually in the spring, this honor and monetary prize recognizes exceptional students at all levels of Italian. Although nominations are solicited in the spring from all Italian instructors, students from both fall and spring semesters are eligible. Usually approximately ten students are recognized each year in April at the departmental awards ceremony.

Gamma Kappa Alpha

The National Italian Honor Society. Students must meet specific requirements and apply for this honor. Information is distributed every spring semester, and applications are screened by the Italian advisers. Successful inductees participate in a ceremony and buffet dinner hosted by the Italian faculty.

Flad Scholarship

In memory of Giovanna ‘Jennie’ Sanquedolce Barbera and Sarah Barbera Flad, this scholarship supports exceptional students of Italian each year. The award, made possible by the Tom and Karen Flad Fund in Italian, has supported innovative projects in digital media as well as study abroad experiences.

Undergraduate Awards - Spanish & Italian

Irving L. Foster Memorial Award

This award is given to a full-time undergraduate with a superior academic record.  This award is rotated between three majors:  Spanish, Italian and French and consists in a scholarship of approximately $150.00. 

SIP Department Student Marshal

Each spring, one student is selected from among our majors to represent The Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese as Department Student Marshal at graduation ceremonies.  Finalists for this honor are graduating seniors with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.  Finalists wishing to be considered for Student Marshal are required to write an essay of no more than 500 words in Spanish describing his/her accomplishments and career goals.  Members of our Department Undergraduate Committee review all essays and select the winner.  Students names a faculty member from the department to serve as the Faculty Marshal.  The Student Marshal then becomes a finalist for the College Student Marshal.

Undergraduate Awards - Spanish, Italian & Portuguese

The Passaic Family Undergraduate Scholarship In Spanish, Italian And Portuguese

This endowment is intended to support undergraduate students who are majoring in or planning to major in Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese and are participating in a study abroad program in Spain.