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SPAN 502

Theory and Techniques of Teaching Spanish (1-3) Audio-lingual orientation. 

SPAN 507 

Hispano-Romance Linguistics (3 per semester/maximum of 9) History, development, and linguistic description of Old Spanish and related Romance languages of the Iberian Peninsula.

SPAN 508 

Generative Syntax (3) This course offers foundations of generative syntax. It addresses the advantage of a scientific model to explain human knowledge of language that also makes predictions about its representation in the mind. 

SPAN 509 

Functional Syntax (3) This course covers foundations of functional syntax. It addresses the advantages of a scientific approach to explain human knowledge of language that makes predictions about its representation in the mind. 

SPAN 510 

Spanish Descriptive Linguistics: Phonology (3) No description.

SPAN 511 

Spanish Transformational-Generative Linguistics (3) No description. 

SPAN 513 

Acquisition of Spanish as a Second Language (3) Analysis of research on the acquisition of syntax, phonology, lexicon, discourse. Prerequisite: introduction to Hispanic linguistics  

SPAN 514 

Hispanic Dialectology (3 per semester/maximum of 6) Early fragmentation among the peninsular dialects; their status today, Judeo- Spanish; descriptive analysis of modern Spanish American dialects. 

SPAN 589 (CMLIT 589, FR 589, GER 589) 

Technology in Foreign Language Education: An Overview (3) Approaches to the uses and research applications of multimedia and other educational technologies applied to the teaching of foreign languages. (also crosslisted with APLNG 589) 

SPAN 596 

Individual Studies (1-9) Creative projects, including nonthesis research, which are supervised on an individual basis and which fall outside the scope of formal courses. 

SPAN 597 

Special Topics (1-9) Formal courses given on a topical or special interest subject which may be offered infrequently. 

SPAN 600 

Thesis Research (1-15) No description. 

SPAN 601 

Ph.D. Dissertation Full-Time (0) No description. 

SPAN 602 

Supervised Experience in College Teaching (1-3 per semester/maximum of 6) Supervised experience in teaching and orientation to other selected aspects of the profession at The Pennsylvania State University.  

SPAN 603 

Foreign Academic Experience (1-12) Foreign study and/or research constituting progress toward the degree at a foreign university. 

SPAN 610 

Thesis Research Off Campus (1-15) No description. 

SPAN 611 

Ph.D. Dissertation Part-Time (0) No description.