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Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese Graduate Faculty Spotlight

Professor Matt Calrson

Matthew Carlson has served on the College of the Liberal Arts Climate Committee since Fall 2014. In this time, he has been involved in creating a new diversity statement for the College, as well as making a series of recommendations on how to support diversity and inclusion at the College and departmental levels.

Professor Nicolás Fernández-Medina

Nicolás Fernández-Medina’s work explores questions of corporeality, otherness, and gender across a range of cultural and literary fields including underrepresented women’s literature of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Spain. He has published and/or presented on the don Juan legend and its patriarchal ideals of femininity, nineteenth-century positivist epistemologies and female identity, the transgressive aesthetics of the female erotic in the avant-garde, as well as the body politics in modernist Spain and Italy. As the co-director of the Spanish and Italian Modernist Studies Forum (SIMSF), he has also organized several lecture series on the transgressive representations of the fe/male body in Spanish and Italian modernisms.

Professor Karen Miller

Karen Miller's research examines language acquisition in children acquiring different varieties of Spanish and English. She looks at children's use of variable forms (e.g. ain't, non-agreeing don't, /s/ lenition) both in the home and at school. She has carried out research with English-speaking children in the U.S. and also with Spanish-speaking children in Chile, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.    

Professor Judith Sierra Rivera

Judith Sierra-Rivera's research and teaching focus on intersections between race, gender, and sexuality in Latin American and Latinx literatures and cultures. She has been a member of the Latina/o Studies Program steering committee since her arrival to Penn State (2013). As part of her teaching and service to the Graduate School, she created the seminar "Latina/o Studies: Foundations in the Field and Its Teaching," which prepares graduate students to teach the introductory course to undergraduates.  

Professor Maria Truglio

Maria Truglio has served as a member of the Faculty Senate’s Undergraduate Education Committee (2009–2011) where she engaged in discussions that led to the recognition of ASL as fulfilling “world language” requirements. Later, she joined the Educational Equity and Campus Environment Committee (2012-2013), addressing such issues as the role of Latino/a Studies, methods to ensure that search committees value diversity in their hiring practices, and analyses of the climate on all PSU campuses for LGBTQ communities.