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Combining a degree in Spanish with degrees in fields such as Economics, Agriculture provides access to careers in a wide variety of areas

Learning Objectives for Spanish Majors and Students of Spanish

The following points include the learning objectives for students who complete any of the three Spanish majors (BA degree, BS Degree with Business Option, BS with Applied Options) and the Spanish courses offered by the department that address those goals.

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Students majoring in Spanish will develop the following:

  • Oral skills in Spanish such that students can communicate most survival needs and limited demands in social and professional settings. 
  • Ability to write Spanish with sufficient structural accuracy and vocabulary to communicate effectively in most types of informal and formal correspondence.
  • A general understanding and appreciation of the history, culture and customs of countries in the Spanish speaking world.
  • Skills that enable students to read and interpret a variety of literary genres. 
  • An understanding of the basic concepts of Spanish linguistics, including phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, language change, and language variation. 
  • The Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese offers each year a variety of Special Topics Courses, which also address the objectives listed above.  Majors and minors are encouraged to participate in a study abroad program in a Spanish speaking country.