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Students may add an Italian Minor to any bachelor major program of study (except the Italian Major), allowing them to create a sub-specialization within their respective majors.

For the Italian Minor students need a minimum of 18 credits of Italian (at least 6 of which must be at the 400 level), with grades of C or better. See the comprehensive list of courses that can count toward the Minor. If you need assistance from an Italian adviser in deciding whether the Minor is feasible, click the previous link for contact information. Note that students are held to the requirements that are in effect when they officially declare the Minor. They can always take more than the minimum of 18 credits if they so desire. And there is no penalty for students who change their minds and ultimately do not complete all the Minor requirements (ie, they are not disqualified from graduating if they do not complete declared Minor requirements; they simply do not receive the Minor).

You can declare an Italian minor directly in LionPath.

For more information on the Italian Minor.