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Regularly Offered Courses

IT 1 - Elementary Italian I (4 credits)

Course Description: For beginners. Grammar, with reading and writing of simple Italian; oral and aural work stressed.
Offered: Every Semester
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IT 2 - Elementary Italian II (4 credits)

Course Description: Grammar and reading continued; oral and aural phrases progressively increased; composition.
Prerequisite: IT 1
Offered: Every Semester
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IT 3 - Intermediate Italian (4 credits)

Course Description: Advanced grammar; oral and written composition; reading of modern authors; Italian life and culture.
Prerequisite: IT 2 
Offered: Every Semester
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IT 10 - Intensive Elementary Italian (6 credits)

Course Description: Intensive Italian basic reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills stressed. Equivalent to IT 1 and half of IT 2. This course meets the Bachelor of Arts degree requirements. This course is intended for students with no experience of Italian. It provides an intensive language-learning environment in which to complete 6 credits of elementary Italian (equivalent to IT 1 and the first half of IT 2). Students receive an extensive introduction to Italian grammar, speech, and culture. Evaluation methods include a variety of written and oral exercises (presentations, compositions, quizzes, exams, etc.). All work is done in Italian. The course is offered once per year. Enrollment is limited to 18. The course can count toward the completion of the Italian minor. This course prepares students for IT 20, a continuation of elementary and intermediate Italian.
Offered: Every Fall 
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IT 20 - Intensive Intermediate Italian (6 credits)

Course Description: Continuation of Intensive Elementary Italian, building on grammar and communication skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). This course meets the Bachelor of Arts degree requirements. This course is for students who have successfully completed IT 10 Intensive Elementary Italian, and who seek an Intensive learning environment of Italian grammar (all aspects: reading, writing, listening, and speaking). Students learn intermediate Italian in an intensive language-learning environment. Extensive reinforcement of elementary Italian grammar (reading, writing, speaking, listening) and introduction to intermediate Italian grammar, speech, and culture through a variety of written and oral exercises. All work is done in Italian. Homework in the accompanying workbooks is assigned each week. Pronunciation practice in the language lab is also required weekly. There are also supplementary grammatical and cultural activities on the course web page. Equivalent to last half of IT 2 and all of IT 3. 
Prerequisite: IT 10
Offered: Every Spring
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IT 301 - Pathways to Fluency (3 credits)

Course Description: For majors, minors, and others with adequate preparation; deepening of grammatical skills, integrated conversation, composition, and reading. For majors, minors, and others with adequate preparation, students in this course review grammatical skills through conversation, class debates, reading, and writing assignments based on contemporary cultural materials (web sites, music lyrics, newspaper and magazine articles, etc.). Evaluation methods include class participation, in-class activities (both oral and written), composition, and exams.
Offered: Every Semester
Prerequisite: IT 3
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