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Lucía Vieitez Portas

Lucía Vieitez Portas
Visiting Scholar

32 Burrowes

Phone: (814) 863-0029

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Research Interests:

Language processing, Experimental Psychology, Cognitive Science, Psycholinguistics, Second language acquisition, Bilingualism and (too) many more.


I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Social and Basic Psychology and Methodology at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain). I became interested in language and other basic psychological processes during my undergraduate years, and after earning my B.S. in Psychology from the University of Santiago de Compostela I pursued a M.A. in Cognitive Science and Language at the University of Barcelona. Now, as a Ph.D. student, my research is focused on the study of emotionality in language and how this semantic variable can affect grammatical processes (as gender agreement in Spanish). By using the Event-Related Potentials technique (ERPs), I’m aiming to explore the influence that individual differences may have in both emotional and grammatical processing.


  • Vieitez, L., Haro, J., Ferré, P., Padrón, I., & Fraga, I. (2021). Unravelling the mystery about the negative valence bias: Does arousal account for processing differences in unpleasant words?.Frontiers in Psychology, 36 (10), 1215-1233. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2021.748726