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Jacqueline García Suárez

Jacqueline García Suárez
Literature Practice Talks Coordinator (SIPSGO)

48 Burrowes, Cubicle 2

Phone: (814) 863-9441

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BA, Spanish, the University of Havana

Research Interests:

Caribbean and Diasporic literature and film, Memory and Trauma, Displacement, Film Theory and Visual Politics


Jacqueline García Suárez is a PhD student at the Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. She holds a BA in Spanish from the University of Havana and is currently pursuing a dual-title in Spanish and Visual Studies. As a Teaching Assistant, she has taught Spanish language courses at different levels.

Her research focuses on film and literary productions by authors from the Caribbean and its diaspora, with emphasis on bodily representations of trauma. She explores the correlation between rhythm and trauma from a phenomenological perspective, with a special interest on how it plays on and against hegemonic discourses of identity and memory. Particularly, she examines how synesthetic (re)productions of trauma images destabilize conventional regimes of perception which rely on the visual.