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Our graduate students are afforded several professional development opportunities through the Department in areas such as teaching (creating and implementing courses), research (fellowships and grants), study/research abroad (for dissertation), and course supervision (for both the Basic Language Program and intermediate and advanced undergraduate Spanish courses). Students may also gain valuable research experience by working closely with faculty members as research assistants. 

The Department and the Graduate School enthusiastically support the presentation of graduate research papers in national and international conferences, and they also offer competitive scholarships for dissertation writing. In the Spanish American area students have written outstanding dissertations on authors such as Borges, García Márquez, Palés Matos, and Valenzuela, and on topics as diverse as science fiction, postmodern detective fiction, paranoia and narrative, the ethics of authorship, and the presence of Scandinavian themes in Latin American poetry. In the Spanish division graduate students have forged new avenues of investigation in authors like Cervantes, Lope de Vega, Laforet, and Marías, and have proposed new critical approaches to the study of autobiography in women writers, Catalan nationalism, the role of memory in writing, and the intertextuality of fiction.

As for study abroad, graduate students have several opportunities to collaborate with the department's summer programs in Puebla, Mexico and in Ronda, Spain.