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Milton  Amaya
47 Burrowes, Cubicle 5
University Park , PA 16802
Office Phone: (814) 865-0035


  1. MA, Spanish (Linguistics), The Pennsylvania State University
  2. MA, Spanish (Linguistics), Instituto Caro y Cuervo
  3. BA, Languages (Spanish and English), Universidad del Atlántico

Research Interests:

Morphosyntax, second language acquisition, bilingualism, and languages in contact


Milton is a Ph.D. student in the Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese Department, studying Spanish-English bilingualism and Palenquero creole languages structure. At Penn State, Milton has worked as TA, teaching Spanish 1,2, and 3 to graduate students.

Before coming to Penn State, he obtained a MA in Spanish Linguistics at Instituto Caro y Cuervo in Bogotá, Colombia. He researched the diphthongized voseo in the Guajira and Cesar region of the Colombian Caribbean. He described some morphosyntactic features of voseo and the sociolinguistic distribution of the voseo isogloss. 


International Congress Presentations

  • XVIII Congreso internacional ALFAL. 2017. El voseo diptongado de Colombia: un estudio del habla de San Diego, Cesar. En BOGOTÁ, D.C. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
  • II Congreso Internacional de Investigación Lingüística y III Coloquio Internacional de Argots. 2016. El Voseo del Valle del Cesar: una mirada a las fórmulas de tratamiento de San Diego, Cesar. En: Medellín. Universidad de Antioquia.