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Gustavo Herrera Díaz

Treasurer (SIPSGO)

48 Burrowes, Cubicle 3
University Park , PA 16802
Office Phone: (814) 863-9441


Gustavo Herrera Díaz is Ph.D. Candidate in Latin American literature. He holds a BA in Humanities (Universidad de La Habana), with an emphasis in Classical and Hispanic Languages and Literatures. As an Assistant Professor in Cuba, he taught languages and literature courses at the Universidad de La Habana and at the Seminario Católico San Carlos y San Ambrosio for several years. At Penn State, he teaches Introduction to Hispanic Literature (SPAN 253W) and Spanish 003 in the Spanish Basic Language Program. Recently he served as co-director and teacher for Penn State's Summer Abroad Program in Puebla, Mexico.

His research interests include Classical reception in Latin American Literature, Latin American Theater, Media and Performance Studies, and African traditions in Brazil and the Caribbean. His most recent research focuses on the intersection of Classical Greek and African cultural systems as they appear in Latin American theater, mainly in the Caribbean and Brazil. For more information, please visit