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Please review the follow video related problems and solutions if you are having issues with any of the video files related to the Mosaicos online ANGEL content.

If you are not able to access the video files at all in ANGEL, that is most likely because you have not successfully registered your book for the course. You will need to use the Access Code that came with your new textbook.

* As with any technical problem do not wait until the last few hours to solve or address your problem. Please give yourself an adequate amount of time to complete your weekly lessons. As quoted in the SBLP policies document:

"Technology failures do not excuse late work. Please plan accordingly. We recommend that you do the assignments ahead of time, since this has the added benefit of allowing you enough time to contact your instructor to address questions you may have”.

Technical related questions should be addressed to the Help Form.

Possible problems:

  • The video loads partway then stalls
  • The video is taking a really long time to load
  • The video will not display at all


  • Please be aware that many of your viewing/downloading issues are related to network congestion. A simple solution here would be to log into ANGEL and load the video at a different time of the day or week. High network congestion times are between 1:00 PM and 6:00 PM daily. If you experienced problems during these hours, try a different time. Don’t wait until the last day to complete this part of the homework.

  • Choosing the correct streaming video preferences for your QuickTime media player.

    If you don't have a current version of the QuickTime Media Player loaded on your computer, please download it for free at the web address above.

    • Open QuickTime player on your computer.
    • Go to --> Edit --> Preferences --> QuickTime Preferences.
    • A new window should pop up.
    • Click on the Streaming tab. Select Automatic from the Streaming Speed drop menu. Click Apply.
    • Check your File Type Associations:
    • Click on the Browser tab --> File Types --> Activate all settings in this window, specifically the ones forStreamingVideo, and MP3.
    • Click Apply and then OK. Close the windows and the QuickTime player. Proceed with the homework lessons.

  • Some of our media files require the use of a media player such as Adobe Flash Player . Please make sure you have a current player loaded on your computer. You can Download it for free from the Adobe website above. 

  • Closing any non-related programs and applications will also help the files to download more quickly.

  • Please be aware of the required web browser types needed to run ANGEL effectively:
  • Issues related to viewing the video files could also be caused by Internet configurations at locations off of the Penn State Campus.

  • In the event that you can not view the video files from your home computer, then you will need to finish this portion of your lessons at one of the ITS computer labs on campus. Here is a list of the ITS Computer labs. Please bring a set of headphones with you. The labs do not provide them.