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Online Assignment Grading:

  • How much are my ANGEL quizzes worth? 
    • The required online quizzes account for 20% of your overall grade. The remaining 80% will be made up of exams and other online activities.
  • How much are my communication activities worth? 
    • A total of 15% of your overall grade. Foro de discusión (4%); Zona cultural (4%); and Tertuila (7%).
  • How much are my exams worth?
    • A total of 65% of your overall grade. Exam 1 (20%); Exam 2 (20%); Exam 3 (25%).
  • I missed an assignment in ANGEL, can I get an extension? 
    • It is your responsibility to complete the online coursework in the week provided. If you are unable to complete the work, you must contact your instructor immediately and provide written documentation about your missing work. We do not grant extensions and no excuses will be accepted to recover points lost because of failing to submit work.

"Semana" Folders

  • What do the "Semana" folders include?
    • These weekly folders include a Presentations folder, a Quizzes folder, and the Actividades de comunicación (Communication Activity) for the week. All quizzes and the communication activity are mandatory and graded. Quizzes included in the presentations folder are not graded.
    • Presentations folder: Here you will find video presentations, written explanations, and PowerPoint presentations of the week's material. Quizzes found in this folder are not graded.
    • Quizzes folder: Here you will find a reminder to visit, where quizzes about the material presented in the “presentations” folder are placed. You will have one attempt for activities with only 2 possible answers and two attempts for those with 3 or 4 possible answers. If an activity does not follow these guidelines, this will be indicated in the instructions. It is strongly recommended that before you log off, you check to see that your work has been properly recorded. There is no time limit in the quizzes; you have to complete them in the week that is written in the syllabus. All quizzes are mandatory and graded. Your grade for the quiz is the highest grade from the 2 attempts.
    • Actividades de comunicación (Communication Activity): Each week you will complete one of three communication activities: Zona cultural, Foro de discusión, or Tertulia. In the Zona cultural, you will post a response to a prompt based on a cultural theme, and you will respond to your classmates’ posts. The Foro de discussion works similarly. You will post a response to the prompt (which usually asks about you, your friends, and your family), and you will comment on the posts made by your classmates. The Tertulia involves working in a small group to record a 5-minute conversation about a topic related to our new vocabulary. In your writing assignments, each week you have to write a total of at least 50 words in two posts, first a submission of 30 words and then another submission(s) for a total of 20 (or more) to complete your 50 words for that week. Once again, you need to write at least 2 posts (a first submission and a response) in order to get full credit. Partial credit is not granted. Please, read your syllabus for further explanation. To see an example of how Zona cultural and Foro de discusión work go to: Lessons >Spanish 1 Getting Started with Spanish 001! > Technology Tutorials > Example of Foro de discusión and Zona cultural.

      For example, if this week is Foro de discusión: you have to post both a first submission and a response by Monday. Please note that in order to get FULL credit you need to write at least 2 posts (a first submission and a response). No partial credit is given for one submission. For more information about Actividades de comunicación, refer to our class syllabus. Also, see the Foro orientation and video explanation in the Getting Started with Spanish 001 folder.

  • When will the "Semana 2" folder open?
    • New folders will open every Monday at midnight and they will close the following Sunday at 11:59pm, unless specified otherwise.
  • Do I need to form a group for the speaking assignment (Tertulia)? If I simply respond to a post will Angel automatically organize me into that group? 
    • ANGEL will not automatically organize you into a group. You need to form a group by replying to the posts in the Partner Wanted folder within the Getting Started with Spanish 001 folder. If you end up without a group, we will randomly assign you to one. Therefore, it is better if you choose your group mates.


  • How many Exams will I have?
    • There will be a total of three (3) exams throughout the semester. You have 90 minutes to complete exams 1 and 2, and 120 minutes to complete exam 3 (you can only access each exam one time). Exams 1 and 2 will include listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and a short essay (50 words). These exams are not cumulative. Exam 3 includes listening comprehension, cumulative grammar (from the whole course), new vocabulary (since second exam), a reading and a short essay (50 words). 

      • University Park students:
        All exams will be administered through the Testing Center in Pollock Building. You will be able to complete your exam at any time during the exam week, however there are time constraints. An email notification from the Testing Center will be sent to all students in advance of the exams requiring pre-registration. See the course calendar for dates and specifics about the exams and their content.
      • World Campus students
        You will need to secure a proctor in order to take exams in this course. A proctor will not automatically be assigned to you. Rather, you must make the necessary contacts to secure a professional who will serve in this capacity.
        • Contact a person who meets the qualifications and ask him or her to proctor your exam.
        • Student Services must approve your proctor before any exams can be taken. Please see instructions for securing a suitable proctor. While many proctors will serve on a voluntary basis, you are responsible for paying any expenses incurred in retaining a proctor.
        • You must complete a Proctor Information Form and submit the completed form with the proctor verification documentation. Please note that if your proctor has been previously approved by the World Campus during a prior course within two years, you do not need to obtain verification. World Campus retains proctor information on file for two years.
        • If your proctor does not meet the required specifications, Student Services will notify you within 5 to 7 business days.
        • You will need to complete an Exam Request Form for each exam. Contact your proctor to confirm the date, time, and location of your exam(s). Complete the form 3 weeks prior to your scheduled exam to allow for processing the request. If you are located outside the United States, in order to allow adequate time, please plan to request your exam earlier than 3 weeks prior to the exam week. If you are a graduating senior requesting a final exam, please see additional information about early deadlines for course completion and exam scheduling.
        • Contact Student Services if you cannot take a scheduled exam.
        • Unless you have received permission to take your exam at an alternative time, your proctor will only allow you to take the exam during dates specified in your course.
  • Do I need headphones for the exams?
    • Yes. You are responsible for supplying your own headphones for the exams. The Testing Center does not have any headphones to loan to students. If you arrive at the Testing Center without your headphones, you will not be able to complete your exam and will be asked to reschedule.
  • Can I use scratch paper during the exam?
    • Yes. You will be provided with a piece of bar-coded scratch paper when entering for your exam. This is the only form of paper you will be permitted to use during the exam. When exiting the testing center, you will be required to scan and return your scratch paper to the testing center staff. Failure to do this will result in an F for your final course grade.

Administrative Questions:

  • Do I need to complete the “Diagnostic Questionnaire”?
    • Yes. This questionnaire is simply a way for us to get a better idea of your background with the Spanish language and to determine if you are in the correct level based on your experience.
  • I took 2 years of Spanish in high school, can I enroll Span 1?
    • It depends. The Placement Policy for Penn State Foreign Langauge Courses dictates the minimum level language course a student is allowed to take for credit, based on the student's high school admissions information. The guideline for span 1 is as follows:

      Students who took 1 year or less of high school Spanish are allowed to receive credit for Spanish 001. Therefore, if you have taken more than 1 year of Spanish in high school you will not receive credit!

      Please, note that 7 and 8th grades do not count. Also, if you graduated in 2008 or earlier, you are eligible for Span 1.

  • Can I use online translators in this class?
    • No. The use of an online translator is forbidden in this language class. Online translators are considered a form of academic dishonesty (cheating) and if you use them in this course an Academic Integrity Form will be reported to the College of Liberal Arts.


  • Do I need to purchase a new textbook for my Spanish class?
    • Yes. Each new textbook comes with an access code that is required in order to view the multimedia files within your ANGEL homework. You are not able to purchase the code by itself. It is currently only offered as a package with a new textbook. Please DO NOT purchase a used book as you will not be able to use the access code. For more information on these codes, please see the Access Code page on our website.

Can't find a solution to your problem?

  • Send a request to the Technology Coordinator by using the Help Form