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Please review the following audio related problems and solutions if you are having issues with any of the audio files related to the Mosaicos online ANGEL content.

* As with any technical problem do not wait until the last few hours to solve or address your problem. Please give yourself an adequate amount of time to complete your weekly lessons. As quoted in the SBLP policies document:

"Technology failures do not excuse late work. Please plan accordingly. We recommend that you do the assignments ahead of time, since this has the added benefit of allowing you enough time to contact your instructor to address questions you may have”.

Some lessons require you listen to MP3 audio files. To hear these files, your computer must have a media player that plays MP3 auido files. If your computer does not have a media player that will play MP3 audio files, then you must download and install one. We suggests installing the QuickTime Player because it will let you listen to audio files and view the digital video files. You can download Quicktime for free at the hyperlink above.

Once you sucessfully install a media player that plays MP3's, you'll then need to configure your media player to accept and play types of media files. When configuring your media player, only set the preferences to the media player you plan to use (such as QuickTime Player). We also suggest that you clear your web browser's cache(temporary Internet files that accumulate over time and may prevent your browser from behaving properly).

Directions for Configuring Media Player Preferences:


Make sure your web browser is set up to view media contents

Mozilla Firefox 8.0 or later

  1. Go to the Tools menu along the top of the browser.
  2. At the bottom of the menu, click Options. A new Options window will open up.
  3. Click on the Applications tab of the window along the top.
  4. A new window should appear with a long list of media files. Next to each file type, you should make sure that it opens with your default media player (QuickTime).
  5. When you are finished, click OK on the Options window.

Internet Explorer 7 or later

  1. Go to the Tools menu along the top of the browser.
  2. Click Internet Options at the bottom of the menu. A new Internet Options window will open up.
  3. Click on the Advanced tab along the top.
  4. Scroll down the list until you come to the Multimedia section.
  5. Make sure that the following are checked:
    • Play animations in webpages
    • Play sounds in webpages
    • Show Pictures
    You can leave the rest of the default options alone.
  6. Click OK

In the event you can not view the video files from your home computer, you will need to finish this portion of your lessons at one of the ITS computer labs on campus, or on another computer. Here is a list of the ITS Computer labs at Penn State's University Park Campus. Please bring a set of headphones with you. The labs do not provide them.

Check to see if you have the volume controls turned up. Double click on the sound icon located in the lower right corner of you computer monitor. If you are working in the computer labs you will need a pair of headphones.

Most student computing lab computers have headphone jacks on a black cord. Computers in a few other labs, including some in Willard, may have headphone jacks under a cover in front of the machine. If you can't find a headphone jack, please ask a Lab Consultant.