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How do I connect to my meeting room?

  • A link to your room will appear within the Group Tertulia links to Adobe Connect folder in your ANGEL course after the semester has begun and your team has been determined. This usually occurs during the second week of the semester.

Do I have to download or install anything in order to use this program?

  • No. Adobe Connect is completely web based so you will not have to install any new programs or software onto your computer. However, you may need to install your camera and/or microphone in order to successfully complete the assignments.

What type of microphone and Web Camera will work best with Adobe Connect?

  • A headset with a built-in microphone is recommended to reduce audio echo and feedback. Penn State ITS recommends a camera and headset with USB or Firewire connectors, rather than a headphone plug connector. A built-in camera and microphone will work, however it is highly recommended to use headphones to reduce feedback.

There is background noise / echo / feedback coming through my speakers while in the Adobe Connect room. How can I fix this?

  • We recommend wearing headphones while using this program. It will reduce the amount of sound coming out of your speakers, especially if you are using a built-in microphone.

There is a long delay between when someone speaks and when I see / hear them. What can I do to fix this?

  • Most likely you will simply need to increase your connection speed from within Adobe Connect. To do this, enter your assigned room and click on Meeting -->Preferences --> Room Bandwidth --> Select either DSL/Cable orLAN (recommended)

Do I have to physically meet with my group to complete the Tertulia activity?

  • No. Because this is an online course, there is no requirement for you to physically meet with your classmates. The program we use for the Tertulia activities, Adobe Connect, can be accessed from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection. Therefore you simply need to decide on a time to meet in this virtual room to complete the assignment.

How do I record a session in Adobe Connect?

  • Once everyone is in your room and all audio / video has been checked and is working properly…
  • Go to “Meeting” and then “Record Meeting”
    • Give your meeting a name (ex. Group A, Session 2)
    • Click OK
    • You’ll see a red dot in the top right corner of the screen indicating that the session is now being recorded.
  • To stop recording you have two options:
    • Click the red dot again and select “stop recording”
    • Go to “Meeting” and then “Record Meeting” (you will see a check mark to the left of this indicating that it is currently being recorded). Select “Record Meeting” to stop recording.

How do I submit my recorded session to my instructor?

  • When you have completed your session and have stopped recording. One person from your group must submit the web address for the recording to your instructor.
  • Within Adobe Connect, go to “Meeting” and then “Manage Meeting Information”
    • A new page will open in your web browser showing you the management platform for this meeting room. DO NOT CHANGE ANY SETTINGS!!!
  • Select the “Recordings” link in the middle of the screen.
  • Click on the link for the recording you wish to submit (listed by most recent)
  • Copy and paste the link provided (URL for Viewing) into the Tertulia Drop Box in ANGEL for that week’s assignment.

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