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Fall 2015

PORT 294

Dayse Bede 
Conversation and Composition
MWF 12:20-1:10 

This course aims to review basic Portuguese structures and introduce more advanced ones in a contextualized manner through discussion of a variety of topics presented in the Brazilian short stories and movies. The course objective is to help students develop grammatically sound oral and written communication in Portuguese. By the end of this course students should be able to express their thoughts on various topics in an orderly and logical fashion, showing a higher degree of comfort with the Portuguese language to that expressed in the previous basic courses. Emphasis will be placed on both writing and speaking. The language of the course will be Portuguese. Prerequisite: PORT 197 or PORT 003 or permission from the instructor.

Spring 2016

PORT 497 (Fulfills Other Cultures Requirement) (also SPAN 497)

Through the Looking-Glass: Race in the United States and Brazil
Instructor: Sarah J. Townsend

This course offers a comparative study of the political and cultural dimensions of race in the United States and Brazil. Among the topics we will discuss are constructions of the "Indian," similarities and differences in the systems of slavery, Jim Crow versus the Brazilian myth of racial democracy, the influence of funk and rap in Brazilian music, and cases of collaboration between African-American and Afro-Brazilian activists. Materials will include historical and political writings as well as films, literature, and music.

Fall 2016

PORT 197 (MWF 3:35-4:25)

Portuguese for Romance Language Speakers
Instructor: Krista Brune

This course offers an introduction to Brazilian Portuguese for students who already have a good grasp of grammar and vocabulary in Spanish, French,Italian, or Latin. By the end of the semester students should be able to read most literary and non-literary texts (with the occasional aid of a dictionary) and carry on a simple conversation in Portuguese. Due to the intensive nature of the course our focus will be on acquiring linguistic fluency, but along the way we will also gain insight into certain aspects of Brazilian culture through our analysis of song lyrics, journalistic texts, and TV shows.

Spring 2017

PORT 397 (TR 1:35-2:50)

The International Amazon
Sarah J. Townsend

The Amazon is sometimes imagined as a primeval place located outside history. Yet for several centuries (if not longer) it has been a site of exploration and exploitation by foreigners, and ever since the rubber boom of the late nineteenth century it has been closely integrated into the international economy. This course will focus on the Brazilian Amazon as a site of international capital and cultural exchange through film, literature, music, and historical accounts.