Italian Minor Options

The minor in Italian gives students the opportunity to improve skills in Italian and increase knowledge of Italian life and culture. The Italian minor makes an ideal combination with a major in areas such as business, the arts, English or comparative literature, other foreign languages or linguistics, history and art history, administration of justice, and health services, as well as certain social sciences such as sociology, political science, anthropology, etc.

Total credit requirements: 18 Credits


  • Six (6) of these have to be at the 400-level
  • 12 credits at any level

Courses satisfying an Italian Minor:

Italian 003
Italian 020
Italian 050*
Italian 299
Italian 110
Italian 301
Italian 320
Italian 325
Italian 330W
Italian 399
Italian 412
Italian 415
Italian 422
Italian 450
Italian 460
Italian 475
Italian 480
Italian 485
Italian 490
Italian 496
Italian 497

Inmd. Italian
I Intensive Inmd. Italian
Italian Tutorial
Education Abroad
Italian Conversation
Pathways to Fluency
Intro Italian Culture
Intro to Italy’s Genius
Greatest Books of IT Lit
Education Abroad
Theory & Practice of Translation
Humanism & the Renaissance
19th Cent It Literature
20th Cent It Literature
Modern Italian Lit & Cin
Italian Women Writers
Italian-Am Cultural Studies
Dante in Translation
Indep Studies
Special Topics


* Concurrent with IT 001, 002, 003, 010 & 020 only


Many courses at the 300 and 400 level have prerequisites. Therefore, students who begin the minor below the 100 level, may need more than 18 credits to fulfill the Minor requirements.


Declaring an Italian Minor is easy! Once you have declared your Major, simply go to eLion and follow the prompts to submit your declaration electronically.