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Our Hispanic Linguistics program at The Pennsylvania State University ranks among the strongest in the nation. We have major strengths in bilingualism and language contact, areas in which all of our faculty work from distinct perspectives and which connect to other language researchers at Penn State. Our faculty encourage excellence in scientific research by engaging in collaborative projects with students and other scholars here and abroad that examine questions related to dialectology, language contact and language variation, as well as the linguistic and psycholinguistic aspects of bilingualism.

Over the past several years, many of our faculty and graduate students in our program have received external funding, including awards from the Guggenheim Foundation, the National Science Foundation, and National Institutes of Health. We have an outstanding placement record, both in tenure track positions and, recently, in post-doctoral appointments of the kind not traditionally available to Spanish PhD students. This success is a direct reflection of the national visibility of our faculty and of the cutting-edge research we are pursuing.

Our faculty also play a central role in the cross-disciplinary Center for Language Science, and the increasing methodological sophistication of our experimental research, including work in eye-tracking and planned developments in neuro-imaging, provides a transformative model for Hispanic Linguistics programs.