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Jonathan Steuck
047 Burrowes, Cubicle 6
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I am a Dual Title PhD candidate in Hispanic Linguistics and Language Science  My main research interests include language variation and change and phonetics/phonology. I use variationist and sociolinguistic frameworks to investigate code-switching, language and dialect contact, bilingualism, and morphosyntactic change.

Currently I am working on my dissertation, which examines the prosodic-syntactic properties of multi-word code-switches in the New Mexican Spanish-English bilingual community (defense date: Jan 2018). My research helps delimit a 'variable context' where code-switching tends to occur in discourse and details the degree to which bilinguals' speech containing code-switches differs from speech produced exclusively in Spanish or English, with an eye toward how bilinguals may exploit these properties to assist in the comprehension of language switches. I will then continue this research as a Richard E. Greenleaf Visiting Library Scholar at the University of New Mexico.

My recent projects have explored the relationship between prosody, syntax, and semantics in monolingual varieties and in the presence of code-switching. I am also interested in sociolinguistic accommodation and alignment by speakers of different dialects of Spanish that have contrasting intonation. I have also explored the grammaticalization of the subjunctive in Spanish and the grammaticalization of the analytic conditional in expressions of future of the past in Chilean Spanish.

In 2013 I graduated with an MA in Hispanic Linguistics from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Before studying Hispanic Linguistics, I worked in finance.  When I am not working on any of the above, I enjoy hiking—especially in Rocky Mountain National Park—and traveling.