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Grant Berry
047 Burrowes, Cubicle 10

Office Hours:

  • Tuesday, 3-4pm
  • Thursday, 12-1:15pm
  • and by Appointment


I am originally from Excelsior Springs, Missouri. I received my Bachelors degrees in mathematics and Spanish literature from Truman State University in 2010. After completing Fulbright Fellowship in Argentina in 2011 and briefly working as a college recruiter, I gravitated toward linguistics and began my graduate studies at Penn State. I am an active member of the Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese and the Center for Language Science, and I am currently a dual-title PhD candidate in Spanish and Language Science. I study how the strategies we use to direct attention and resolve conflict in our environment influence the way we integrate the linguistic variation we are exposed to into our own production, particularly when that variation has social meaning. I am interested in how differences in processing strategies among individuals may differentiate their usage of linguistic structures over time (e.g., in sound change). To address these questions, I utilize behavioral (laboratory experiments), ethnographic (sociolinguistic interviews), discourse-based (corpus analysis), and computational (simulation, probabilistic modeling) methodologies. My dissertation, which explores these topics in both the laboratory (people at Penn State) and the field (the Puerto Rican community in Philadelphia), is being funded by the National Science Foundation. My dissertation director is Rena Torres Cacoullos. Links to publications, data, computer scripts, and an updated CV are available on my website (; you can also feel free to contact me via email.